Make it like it used to be.

In the past, words like manager, maintainer and fixer described the role of the ministry leader. In other words, make it like it used to be—and keep it that way!


Today’s churches need an entirely different skill set from their ministry leaders!  Words like cultivate, develop, create and empower come to mind.

I remember a ministry supervisor telling me that he thought I was doing a good job as the pastor of my church because there wasn’t any major conflict going on in my church – unlike the previous pastor.  He was complimenting me on my skill at fixing and managing.

Many of today’s ministry leaders are competent fixers, but that’s not enough. We need to develop great competency at cultivating, developing and empowering.

How is your competency in these areas?  It may be time for training – re-tooling.In our training events I often tell people that I am a “Recovering Fixer” and that coaching has helped me kick my addiction to fixing.  My training as a coach taught me how to cultivate, develop and empower others.


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