“Managers light a fire UNDER people. Leaders light a fire IN people.”

fireI enjoy the conversations that our training events generate.  Here’s an example.  It started with, “I wish I had had this kind of training years ago in seminary.”One thing led to another, and then the following statement was made. This single statement captured the essence of the group:

“Years ago we needed pastors to be managers.  Today, we need pastors that lead!”

I agree.  It’s the shift from Manager to Leader.

I appreciate Management Consultant Kathy Austin’s distinction between the two. “Managers light a fire under people. Leaders light a fire inpeople.”

Where is the bulk of your time and energy focused?  Are you more about lighting fires under people or lighting fires in people?  The difference is huge.

That’s why I’m so passionate about Every Pastor, Ministry Staff and Church Leader a Coach!  A coaching approach to ministry is about lighting fires in people!

One of the key shifts for today’s ministry leaders is Manage versus Lead.  Next week we will highlight another shift.

Have a great week lighting fires in people!

All the best to you,
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