Many Leaders are One Bad Habit Away from Being a Great Leader

Most of us are one bad habit away from being a great leader.

VitalSmarts study of close to 1,000 managers found that 97% of us have at least one career-limiting habit, a habit that keeps us from greater success or enjoyment in our career. Unfortunately, their research also shows that while most of us have been aware of this deficiency for years, few make much progress in overcoming it. (Joseph Grenny, July 5, 2016 HBR Review)

I see this often in the coaching that I do. When I ask a client what sabotage looks like, they frequently confess that they sabotage themselves. One client hired me because a recent performance review sited his habitual lateness as a major issue. He was told to change the habit or change careers. During our first coaching session he stated that his wife of 30 years had been frustrated with his lateness since day one. His bad habit was not new to him.  

In most cases, awareness is not enough.

Here is where an ongoing coaching relationship can help. Coaching offers regular check-ins on progress – or lack of progress – and follow up accountability. In other words, your coach will hold your feet to the fire. Similar to the athletic coach, when you are tempted to “throw in the towel” and quit, your coach will help you develop a creative next step to move you forward.

In many cases, the difference between the career you’ve got and the one you want is just one or two bad habits.

Consider working with a coach on your career limiting habits.

Or, enroll in our coach training and learn how to coach people through their career limiting habit.

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