Nehemiah Response Coaching Model™

No matter where you are in your coach training or profession, the Nehemiah Response
Coaching Model ™ may be just the coaching tool you’ve been looking to add to your coaching
toolbox. The Nehemiah Response Coaching Model ™ will help you ask the right questions and
gain an objective perspective as you use the tried and proven principles of this coaching model.
The book, inspired by J. Val Hastings and written by co authors, Nelson and Pam Roth,
Nehemiah Response….a coaching model will be your text for this elective. Coaches who are
already using this coaching model find the model both practical and reproducible. Clients are
experiencing clarification for next steps, a more focused vision for the future; along with creative
planning while overcoming obstacles.

Embedded into the coaching model are both the Eight Building Blocks and the ICF Core
Competencies. You’ll get a firm grip on both the principles of this coaching model and the
coaching competencies during this four-hour elective.

Don’t delay…sign up today and take your coaching skills to a whole new level.

This new pilot class will be offered on Thursday, April 19, 2018, from 1-5pm Eastern Time. (Click here to find the time in your local time zone.)

The instructors for this class are Nelson and Pam Roth, PCC.

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Nehemiah Response Coaching Model™ – $155.00 +
The Nehemiah Response book – $12.99