One Simple Way to Improve Your Listening!

Really great coaches have mastered the art of listening.  Have you ever wonder how they learned how to listen so well?  Here’s one technique that was helpful for me. 

When I was tempted to talk, I simply said to myself:  W.A.I.T.

W.A.I.T. stands for Why Am I Talking?  It’s the perfect question to ask yourself.

Whenever you are tempted to fill in the silence, just say to yourself: W.A.I.T. and ask yourself: Why am I talking?  
Most of the time, the answer to this question, is that you are uncomfortable with silence – which is not a good reason for speaking.

Whether you are coaching, leading a meeting, or involved in day-to-day living, give W.A.I.T. a try.

Have fun!

All the best to you,

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