Our Graduates ~ What are they doing?

Client 2For the past two years we have been tracking our graduates to learn what they are doing with their coaching skills.  Actually, we have been doing a pre and post-survey.

Here’s what our graduates are doing:

  • Almost all of our graduates receive an ICF coaching credential.  This pleases me.  Credentials and competency matter!
  • The PCC coaching credential is quickly becoming the preferred credential. A growing number of our graduates are bypassing the ACC coaching credential and going right for the PCC coaching credential.
  • The majority of our graduates are doing internal and third-party coaching.  They are using their coaching skills on a daily basis in their current ministry setting, while also being used as a coach for their conference or association.
  • A growing number of our graduates are retirees and early-retirees.  These individuals often launch a part-time coaching business.
  • About one-third of our graduates have launched their own coaching business.  These graduates are either doing coaching exclusively or in conjunction with consulting or therapy.

What I find interesting is that for most of our graduates, their reason for enrolling in coach training matches what they are now doing — after graduation.

Do you have a passion for coaching?  Enroll in our coach training and we will help you attain your goal!

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