Powerful Question Fortune Cookies

At a recent coach training in the UK, the participants were thrilled to discover Appendix B, A Year of Questions, in the book Change

Powerful Question Fortune Cookie

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Your Questions, Change Your Church. They had wondered how they were going to be able to think of powerful questions during their coaching sessions, and appreciated having this resource to refer to and practice with.

Just for fun, we looked at that day’s question, which was October 2nd: What do you need to say goodbye to in order to move forward? One person had a very powerful realization, and shared that with the group. Everyone was very excited to see this in action, and wanted to keep going. “What’s tomorrow’s question?” they asked.

The question for October 3rd was: What is the decision you are avoiding?

This one, again, resonated very strongly with the same person. “This is like fortune cookies!” one person exclaimed.

Do you want to get in on the fun? Let’s see how this week’s questions resonate with you.

November 21: What is the one thing that you should never, ever, under any circumstances suggest that your team do?
November 22: What beliefs strengthen you?
November 23: At what point when you say “yes” are you really feeling like saying “no”?
November 24: What outreach can you provide that will impact thousands?
November 25: Based on an accurate review of your past three months, what are the top three areas where you have invested the most time and energy?
November 26: What frustrations are you ready to address?
November 27: What regularly distracts and discourages your leadership team?

For the complete list of daily questions, and many more resources and stories about powerful questioning, you can pick up your own copy of Change Your Questions, Change Your Church.

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