Program Description

PCT Onsite resizedCoaching4Clergy’s Professional Coach Training program is for pastors, church leaders, and ministry staff who want to develop ministry excellence and effectiveness.  Often unprepared for the shifting landscape of ministry in today’s world, most pastors do not feel equipped to effectively lead their churches. Despite shrinking budgets, changing demographics, and uncertain preparation, expectations are that leadership will be able to step up and enable new dreams and their fulfillment.

Founded by Pastor and Master Certified Coach. Dr. J. Val Hastings, Coaching4Clergy has grown to become a global training company for equipping those called and charged with guiding their congregants in their spiritual journeys. Honed by years of experience, Coaching4Clergy equips pastors with the knowledge and expertise to be an effective leader and compensates for the missing skills they were unaware they would need.

Coaching4Clergy’s Professional Coach Training is an ACTP program (Accredited Coach Training Program through the International Coach Federation). It consists 128 hours of  coach training that is pre-approved by the International Coach Federation.  Those who wish to obtain ACC, PCC, and MCC credentials through the ICF have the advantage of an easier, stream-lined process as graduates of Coaching4Clergy’s PCT program.

Professional Coach Training is divided into two parts, each containing two modules:

  • Professional Coach Training – Part 1:
    • Module 1:  Coaching Foundationwill help you identify your potential as a leader and equip you to develop others to be better leaders.
    • Module 2:  Coaching Implementation will help you develop your coaching skills and prepare you to implement them in your ministry setting. 
  • Professional Coach Training – Part 2:
    • Module 3:  Advanced Development will provide you with practical experience, expertise, and insight in developing a coaching approach to ministry.
    • Module 4:  Coaching Mastery will challenge you to hone your coaching skills from a level of competency to mastery.

These modules may be completed in any order.  You may also take classes from different modules at the same time.  To access the course catalog, click here. Completion of Part 1 of the program provides you with the training hours required for the ACC credential. Completion of both Parts 1 & 2 provides you with the required training hours for the PCC credential.

Professional Coach Training is offered in two formats:

  • Online Distance Learning Our online classes offer a high-quality, interactive learning experience using an online meeting format. Get all the advantages of a typical classroom with opportunities to interact with the instructor and other students along with visual resources, all from the convenience of your home or office.   Save on travel costs and time off from work and experience training with several different faculty members in classes with students from around the world.
  • On-Site/In-Person Training Events:  Our on-site training allows you to complete the majority of classwork for either Part 1 or Part 2 during five days of training. You have the opportunity to step out of your current role and immerse yourself in coach training. You also have the opportunity to interact and network with other coaches and students face to face.

In order to graduate from the program and to be eligible to apply for either your ACC or PCC credential, you will also need to participate in mentor coaching.  You may work on this requirement while also taking classes. To learn more specific information about the graduation requirements, click here.