Self-Care is Forever

We don’t ever graduate from the practice of self-care. There are some holidays such as Easter and Christmas when we need to be more conscious of countering the extra tasks and stressful schedules, but self-care is something we need to build into our lives every single day.

Right now I’m taking care of myself in some new ways. With the warmer weather, I’m out working in my garden again – what’s so great about that is that I’m able to disengage my brain and engage my muscles. The wonderful result is that I actually end up engaging my brain after all, but in a totally different way. I’m blessed with all sorts of creative ideas and synchronicities that never occur to me when I’m trying to make them happen. I get the same benefits when I take myself for a walk around the block, which I’m doing every day.

Another bonus of my time outside is that I’ll have the company of my dogs, who will pester me constantly to throw the ball for them. That kind of unabashed commitment to play and companionship is so transformational to witness. They are excellent role models for taking time for what’s really important.

Another way I take care of myself is to spend time on my favorite hobby – restoring my Corvette sports car (I’ll post a photo when I’m a little farther along with it). I’m even thinking about joining local club of ‘Vette enthusiasts so I can hang out with some like-minded people.

What are some of the new ways you might take care of yourself? When do you lose yourself in a favorite task or hobby? Who helps you remember to take time to play?

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