Step Back and Celebrate

At Easter I always think back to Tony Campolo’s great line, “It may feel like Friday, but Sunday’s a-comin’!”

Even though he said it years before coaching was fully developed as a profession, the line fits right into the coach approach to ministry. In coaching, our focus is on what’s great, what’s right and what’s going well. We’re looking ahead to Sunday, rather than getting bogged down with trying to fix whatever feels wrong about today.

Well, right now I know that many of you are feeling bogged down in Easter preparations in your own congregations and communities. Some of my clients have even been asking, “So when is it going to be Easter for me?”

The first thing I tell them is that they’re not alone. I’m hearing similar things from pastors and church leaders across the board. The next thing I suggest is to reframe the question – from looking at what is wrong and needs to be fixed, to what is great and worth celebrating.

I ask them the same thing that I’ll now ask you: “How can YOU celebrate Easter?” On a personal level, not in your leadership role. More importantly, how can you celebrate in the simplest way possible? Instead of adding to your feelings of overwhelm and obligation, what would feel like you were adding to the joy of the season?

Keeping with the theme of simplicity, how can you simplify your Easter preparations in your church? What can you delegate to people who would be thrilled to use their own particular strengths? How can you pare down your plans where they’ve gotten more elaborate or complex than they need to be?

Re-living and re-hearing the stories behind the holiday is the most important way to celebrate. As clergy we’re often so immersed in helping others do that, we don’t get to do it ourselves. I commented back in December about how reading the Christmas story in the scriptures is one of the ways I take time to celebrate.

Another big theme in coaching is empowering the individual to create his or her own reality. So if you’re feeling bogged down with Easter preparations, what can you do to create a different experience for yourself? Instead of wishing and pining for your own Easter holiday, how can you add some celebration and rejuvenation to your life right now – in the midst of your busy-ness?

I’d love to hear your ideas – please comment below or contact me personally.

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