Stop Going to So Many Meetings

One of the biggest complaints that I hear from pastors and ministry leaders is that they have too many meetings to attend.

How many of you can relate to this true story?

Several years ago, while I was a pastor, I remember triple booking meetings one evening. I actually floated between three simultaneous meetings.

What was I thinking?

How do You Break Your Meeting Addiction?

Try this!

Ask yourself, “If I was sick on the day of this meeting, would it need to be rescheduled?” If you answer “no,” then decline the meeting and try one of these less time-intensive alternatives:

  • Get an agenda. Ask to look at the agenda ahead of time so you can pass on your comments to the meeting organizer to share on your behalf. (Bonus: This may force him to make an agenda!)
  • Delegate. Send someone else from your group to communicate your team’s perspective.
  • Ask for notes. If someone is going to share important information but you’d just be listening, request a copy of the meeting notes after the fact.


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