Strength Training for Your Coaching Skills

In the first stop of this month’s tour of Coaching4Clergy’s latest programs, we have the Coaching Gym. Here to tell you more is James Latimer, our Coaching Gym Trainer.

Have you recently finished a coaching skills training program and are wondering what to do next? Or has it been a while and you are worried about how to keep your coaching skills honed and sharp?

A coach training experience is exhilarating. New graduates often speak of this powerful skill they’ve discovered and now feel developing within them. They imagine the impact their new skills will have on the individuals and organizations they serve as they help them to discover and bring forth the best within them to meet goals they truly care about. Wow! What a privilege and honor to play this role.

But in order for one’s new skills to bless others in this way, they must continue to be developed and practiced. Remember the three key words to improving: Coach, coach, coach!

Coaching4Clergy recently launched the Coaching Gym to assist you in doing just this. The Gym fills a critical need in the skill development of one’s coaching skills by making it easy to practice and therefore grow.

The Gym provides:

  1. A safe and confidential place as you coach those who are not part of your own organization;
  2. Convenient access as you coach by telephone at times of your own choosing;
  3. A very inexpensive and cost-effective format;
  4. Regular coaching for yourself and feedback about your development from fellow Gym members and Coaching4Clergy faculty.

Through the use of several Coaching Stations the Coaching Gym builds your confidence and competence.

  1. Station 1: STRETCH, FLEX & TONE your coaching muscles with our Coaching Ladder. Regular weekly telephone coaching with other coaches.
  2. Station 2: CARDIO WORKOUT Elevate your heart rate with Pro Bono Coaching. We provide you with a real client to coach.
  3. Station 3: HIT THE WEIGHTS and apply your coaching skills in your own ministry setting. Participate in mastermind group coaching for support.
  4. Station 4: BUILD MUSCLE – BULK UP and learn how to train others how to coach.

The Gym is unique. Come check it out. Whether your goal is to equip yourself with solid coaching skills as a pastor, ministry staff or a church leader, or to become a professional coach, the Coaching Gym will help you get there.

You have little to lose and a whole lot to gain!







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