Stressless Preaching – Coaching Makes it Possible!

One of the sections of Ministry 3.0, Coaching4Clergy’s newest coaching book, focuses on how coaching can provide practical help to pastors in their daily and weekly responsibilities. And what is a bigger responsibility than delivering the weekly sermon? Sadly, this opportunity to teach and inspire their community can be an overwhelming source of stress for pastors, who rarely feel like they have adequate time to prepare.

As contributing author Teresa Angle-Young points out in her chapter, “Stressless Preaching: How Coaching Helps Pastors to Preach with Power,” a powerful sermon requires time for the pastor to “live with” the text and fully internalize its message. Not only that, but the pastor must invest time to connect deeply with his or her congregants, in order to personalize the message and make it relevant for the audience.

Along with her concrete and pragmatic tips for preaching with power, Teresa also provides detailed, specific guidelines for coaching a pastor on sermon delivery. I love how she is not afraid to ask pastors the tough questions, for example, “Is there hurt, anger, resentment or other negative emotions that stand between you and your congregation?” Wow! And her questions and coachable insights will be just as valuable for the reader to use in self-coaching as they are for your own clients.

I can’t wait for you to read this chapter when the new book is published in the fall of 2012.

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