Stuck? 5 questions to ask.

iStock_000007525718Large - turtleIt’s not unusual for a leader or a team to feel stuck and not know what to do.  This is a common experience.  Many leaders try their best to avoid being stuck.  And yet, being stuck can be a perfect time to push the pause button, evaluate progress, and make course corrections.

The following are five questions to ask when you’re feeling stuck and don’t know what to do:

  1. Where are you going?  In other word, what’s the vision?  BIG picture?  What is God’s invitation? Instead of focusing on being stuck, shift your focus to the where you’re going.
  1. Where are you now?  What’s the truth about your current situation?  Define the current reality.  Sometimes we are so involved in getting un-stuck that we miss what’s right in front of us.
  1. What’s possible? What is the simplest next step you could take?  The most outrageous next step?  Most fun?  Safest? Or, what’s the benefit of being stuck right now?
  1. Who can help?  Who has been the most helpful in the past?  Who is just waiting to help you?  Who have you overlooked?
  1. How committed are you to taking action?  How would you rate your commitment to action?  What would it take to dramatically increase your level of commitment? What are you really, REALLY committed too? What’s the pay off of doing nothing?
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