Taking Time to Celebrate and Rest

Pastors and church leaders have been talking to me about their plans for next year. It’s like they’re impatient to get the holidays over with, and they wish they could skip over this holy day altogether. I know that part of this urgency comes from a sense of hopefulness and excitement about what’s on the horizon. I know, because I feel it too! Yet now is the time to stop. Get back to the present moment. Give yourself time to celebrate the season and to celebrate the person behind the season; and help your congregants, clients, community and family to do the same thing.The Power Sabbath is a concept I introduced in my coach training manual, The Next Great Awakening. This is one model you can use to take a time out this season.

A Power Sabbath includes four areas of rest. They include:

  1. Physical rest: Make sure your body is getting adequate rest.
  2. Mind rest: Enjoy some silence. Turn off the TV. Take a break from reading the depressing news in the paper. Just let your mind rest.
  3. Heart rest: Caring for others and their needs can become exhausting. Take a short break and let others care for you. You’ll be better able to care for others when you return.
  4. Soul rest: Take time to experience the divine. Rest in the knowledge that the world revolves around God, not you or me!

Val’s holiday plans

I’ve already blocked out time in my calendar to be with my family, experience God and be present in the holiday. With two books coming in the spring, you can bet I’m thinking a lot about the New Year, but I know that on December 22 all of that stops.

One of the ways I like to unwind is to take a long drive without a destination. I take the back roads and try my best to get lost – it’s a perfect way to disengage from my busy mind and get back to the present moment.

I’ll also re-read the Christmas story in the scripture – not to plan a sermon or bible study, but just for me. I’ll even watch the classic children’s movies about Rudolph and Frosty to catch the holiday spirit and connect to my inner kid.

How will you put a halt on your New Year plans and get your body and mind into the present moment of these holy days?

P.S. Even though you’ll be hearing from me on December 20th with a special holiday gift, I prepared that weeks ago and had my team put it in motion for me. That’s one of the many joys of delegation!

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