The Greatest Competency is this.

This week’s blog post is written by a new acquaintance of mine. Her name is Claire Pedrick, a coach in the UK.  Like many of you, Claire’s coaching includes work with the clergy.  Claire, along with Su Blanch, have written a book that I have just read and highly recommend:  How to Make Great Appointments in the Church: Calling, Competence and Chemistry.  Enjoy this week’s guest blogger!


God gave Moses ten commandments on tablets of stone and Jesus summarised them into a sentence: Love God and love your neighbour. The International Coach Federation has eleven helpful core coaching competencies which, I think, can be summarised into a sentence: get the contract right.

There is a Chinese Proverb which says: The Banks of the Yangtse give it depth, drive and direction.  When we establish the banks at the beginning of every conversation with our client (or colleague, or meeting…), then the conversation has the potential to be the most powerful it can be. This brings the ICF’s Competency 2 alive.  Establishing the coaching agreement is about

  • How would like to use the time we have today?
  • What would you like to be different by the end of this conversation?
  • How will you know you have got what you need?
  • How would you like me to work with you today?
  • Where shall we start?

The better the contract, the less hard the coach works.  The less hard the coach works, the more they can be present for their client to think and explore and the more our clients will move into new and original thinking.  And when we come to a plateau – recontract: Where are we now?  Try it…

On a larger scale, the ‘where are we now?’ question is one which churches need to honestly explore when it’s time to look for a new minister.  And the answer is very different from ‘where do we think we are’. Until we explore the where are we now question, it is hard to discern what kind of a leader we need to journey with us.  You can find out more by reading How to Make Great Appointments in the Church: Calling, Competence and Chemistry.


Claire Pedrick PCC is a coach and coaching supervisor based in the UK. She trained as a coach in 1998 through Coach University and is now Director of 3D Coaching.  Much of her work is with clergy. Claire is just applying for her MCC with the ICF.  The3D website address is:

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