The Value of Quick Successes

It takes years to make a major shift in an organization’s culture, and it’s easy to get discouraged partway through. Just think of Moses and the Exodus, and the many times they would say, “Oh, it was better in Egypt, let’s turn around.”

We all need those little successes to keep us going. Even if those wins have nothing to do with the shift itself, it just helps us to feel good. And when we feel good inside, when we feel positive, we’re more likely to keep going forward.

For example, one of the churches I pastored decided to relocate, but it was a long process to find the right space and raise the funds. It was hard to keep the momentum going, yet I knew that if I kept everyone’s spirits up, they would stay with me through the change.

We held community dinners on Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day, when other services like Meals on Wheels were closed for the holiday. Hundreds of people attended. We were serving a true need and that felt good. We sent 26 youths on a mission trip. It was completely unrelated to the new church building, but boy were we proud to see what our youth was accomplishing.

What quick successes can you deliver to your congregation to help keep people feeling positive while you transition towards change?

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