Theresa McKenna, ACC

Theresa McKenna is an ICF certified coach, a counselor and former pastor of Single Parent ministries, Congregational Care, and Adult Education.  She earned a Masters of Theology degree from Regent College in Vancouver, B.C. Theresa is the author of The Hidden Mission Field: Caring for Single Parent Families in the 21st Century. She has also written a comprehensive curriculum entitled One Parent Plus Kids for both single parents and their children as well as numerous articles on parenting, self-care, and women in ministry.

She holds various certifications in communication and conflict resolution. She sits on the board of multiple community organizations where she uses her expertise in training and leadership development.  Having lived internationally for many years, she cultivated a global perspective which has made her particularly familiar with the challenges of training and coaching in diverse cultures.

Theresa’s coaching practice includes individuals, teams and groups in the church and in business helping them to achieve the excellence they desire.

Business Address:  Renton, WA – United States

Business Phone: (425) 254-0577

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