Things I Miss About Being a Pastor

Don’t you miss being a pastor?

Earlier this week, I was asked this question by a pastor. I looked at him and smiled. Then I said, “I absolutely love what I’m doing right now!”

This is a question that I am frequently asked.

I’m not quite sure why so many pastors and ministry leaders ask me this question. Maybe you have some thoughts.

Are there things that I miss about being a pastor? Sure there are. Greg Stier’s article below recently reminded me of some of the things I miss most about being a pastor.

Here’s what I love about what I’m doing right now….

As the president of Coaching for Clergy:

  • I have the privilege of supporting pastors and ministry leaders around the world in a way that is desperately needed.
  • I help pastors develop confidence as a leader and watch them make a significant difference in their ministry setting. In other words, I help pastors “stand tall” again!
  • “I absolutely love what I’m doing right now!”


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