Train the Trainer


Learn how to successfully train others how to coach. You will receive a coaching toolkit of knowledge, techniques and practiced skills that you can use with confidence when leading a Basic Coach Training event. You will leave the clinic with the skills to train others how to coach.

What is the Train-the-Trainer program?

The Train the Trainer clinic is designed to fully equip and certify participants to train others in our Basic Coach Training Certification. Our Train-the-Trainer program is offered several times each year in a variety of locations and now virtually! We also provide customized Train-the-Trainer clinics for denominations, associations, conferences and organizations. Contact Dr. J. Val Hastings, MCC, at, for more information or to schedule training.

What does the Train-the Trainer clinic prepare you for?

This training will prepare you to successfully lead and teach our Basic Coach Training Program, which provides participants with a strong introduction to coaching. Our Train-the-Trainer program will provide you with a coaching toolkit of knowledge, techniques and practiced skills that you can use with confidence when leading a Basic Coach Training event. You will leave the clinic with the skills to train others how to coach.

Is the Train-the-Trainer clinic right for me?

People who typically attend a Train-the-Trainer program include coaches who want to train other coaches as an additional service for their business, ministry leaders who want to develop a coaching culture in their conference/association, or people who want to train coaches within their church or organization.

What can I expect?

Participants will leave this clinic with the confidence and competency to successfully lead a Basic Coach Training event. Participants learn and practice coach training theories and techniques through classroom instruction, small group interaction and several practice teaching opportunities. Additionally, you will:

  • Receive 6 hours of ICF Continuing Coaching Education hours.
  • Sharpen your teaching and training skills by experiencing and practicing state-of-the-art coaching techniques.
  • Understand the structure and process of leading a Basic Coach Training event, including key teaching concepts and exercises.
  • Receive feedback from the facilitator and other participants attending this clinic.
  • Network and collaborate with other coaches.
  • cce-cl_150Hone your own coaching skills.
  • Have opportunities for unstructured networking and brainstorming time
  • Receive information on how to access your trainer information and resources

Requirements for Trainer Certification: A Trainer Certificate, along with full Trainer status, will be awarded to all Train-the-Trainer participants who have met the following requirements:

  • 100% attendance at the Train-the-Trainer event. You’ll need to attend the actual Train-the-Trainer event and fully participate and be part of the class demonstrating the class material. (attending class does not guarantee graduation from the class)
  • Active participation and engagement throughout the Train-the-Trainer event.
  • A thorough understanding and mastery of the coach training materials demonstrated through a LIVE presentation during the Train-the-Trainer event.
  • The instructor will decide who has passed and will notify students the status of pass/fail of the class.
  • You’ll then receive your certificate by email.
  • Your instructor will provide you information on your next steps with C4C.

Once You Become a Trainer:

  • Tuition includes your first year of membership as a Coaching4Clergy Trainer. Ongoing membership is required for continued status as a Coaching4Clergy Trainer, and the current membership fee is $149.00 per year.
  • Trainers must purchase a Coaching4Clergy resource package for every participant who will attend their event. This package is exclusively available from Coaching4Clergy and includes The Next Great Awakening book and Certificate of Completion. The current cost of one participant resource package is $19.95 per textbook.
  • Basic Coach Training fees (what you will charge the participants who attend your events) are at the discretion of each individual trainer. Remember to factor in the cost of participant resources.
  • Order your books from Coaching4Clergy (link is located in the Resource area of the Trainer Group in Coaching4Clergy’s learning portal.  Contact the registrar at for information about how to access the Trainer Group).