Val’s Favorite Coaching Questions, Part Four

This month I’ve revealed my four favorite coaching questions – ones that I use personally and you can too. The first three were:

1) What do I really, REALLY want?

2) What are my beliefs and assumptions about what I really, REALLY want?

3) Who can help me with what I really, REALLY want?

The next and last question in this series is:

What are those items that only I can do in order to receive what I really, REALLY want?

So what is mine to do? One of the best things that only I can do is to take care of myself so that I can be performing at my best level. I also need to be the kind of leader who helps other people play to their strengths by delegating the right tasks to the right people .

Delegating is great, but that doesn’t mean you put up your feet. I have a part to play. Last week’s question helps me discern who I delegate to, while this week’s question is about the what and how. What am I responsible for? How do I need to roll my sleeves up and get to work?

There’s an exercise in The Next Great Awakening where I invite you to create a list of the things that only you can do, as well as the things you never want to do. I really want you to get clear about this.

For the average pastor, there are only a few things that only the pastor can do – yet we repeatedly try to do other things, from shoveling the walkway to making photocopies.

I have to say – the pastors I coach aren’t immediately relieved to hear that they should be doing less. Sometimes they actually feel a panic that they’re not really needed. Slowly they come to realize that they are very much needed – because those things they do are so unique and God-directed.

No one else can do what only you can do. By choosing to focus more on that, you’ll demonstrate to your congregation just how valuable you are. Do you think they’ll get the same impression watching you make photocopies?

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J. Val Hastings

J. Val Hastings, MCC, is the Founder and President of Coaching4Clergy, which provides specialized training for pastors, church leaders and coaches. Val is the author of the book The Next Great Awakening: How to Empower God’s People with a Coach Approach to Ministry and the e-book The E3-Church: Empowered, Effective and Entrepreneurial Leadership That Will Keep Your Church Alive. Val currently holds the designation of Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, the highest coaching designation.

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