Walter Sawatzky

Business Address: Hatfield, PA – United States

Business Phone: (267) 664-5542

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I’m passionate about helping leaders align their life and work with their values and strengths.  After a successful start to my career, I hit a stretch of desert where I lost the self-confidence, joy and fulfillment I had been enjoying.  This turning point started me on a quest to discover the keys to knowing my inner blueprint, and getting on track to living my God-given purpose. Now, I’m doing what I was created to do…beyond what I could have even imagined.  If you feel stuck, without a road map, you do not need to struggle alone.  You can have the strategies, tools and support to shift from confusion to clarity and confidence.

Walter is the founder of Customized Coaching LLC.   He is a professional coach with 30 years’ experience in the fields of social work, human resource management, and religious leadership…as pastor, mission administrator and conference minister.  In addition, Walter is certified as a Christian Leadership Coach by the Valwood Coaching Institute   Walter serves as a staff coach for Coaching4Clergy  He is also a Certified Career Coach with the Career Coach Institute   He is a member of the International Coach Federation.