What an Exciting Time to Be in South Korea!

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks in South Korea. 

What better time to be in South Korea than the past week with the Leadership Summit? How interesting to hear firsthand from South Koreans their feelings and thoughts about this historic event. I was privy to the “word on the street.”

In addition, we successfully facilitated our fourth coach training program for the Korean Methodist Conference. To date we have trained over 120 ministry leaders with coaching skills. We have already scheduled our 2019 dates and plan to offer both ACC and PCC coach training simultaneously.

Thank you to Dr. Nackwan Kim, the General Secretary of the Korean Methodist Conference for his invitation to offer coach training. Also, a special thanks to Dr. HiRho Park of the General Board of Higher Education in Ministry for her role in pulling this event together.

All the best to you,

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