What are your Jet-Lag Strategies?

This time last week I was in South Korea.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.  Great culture and people!

That was last week.  Right now I am dealing with jet-lag and all that that entails.  If you have ever experienced Jet-lag you will understand when I say that Jet-lag can be fierce!  Shifting 14 hours from one time zone to another is no small feat.

Earlier today I was talking with my good friend, Claire Pedrick, MCC, about my experience of jet-lag and she made an interesting observation.  “Isn’t Jet-lag and shifting from one time zone to another what our coaching conversations are all about?  Our requests are that our clients live in a new time zone.” What a great analogy!

In other words, my jet-lag strategies apply to those I coach.  Here are two of my jet-lag strategies:

  • Live in the new Time Zone.  Whether you are tired or not, immediately re-orient yourself to the new time zone.
  • Be kind to yourself – in fact, be extra kind to yourself!  Keep the schedule light upon return.  Drink plenty of fluids, etc….

While I’m doing the above, I want to encourage you to do the same: Live in the New Time Zone and Be Extra Kind to Yourself.

All the best to you.



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