What do you want to do with all the hats you are wearing?

 How Many Hats Are You Wearing?

I once asked a group of ministry leaders to list all the hats they wear in their ministry position.  50 hats later — we had run out of room on the newsprint. Someone from the back of the room shouted: I’m wearing too many hats. What am I going to do?

What a great question. What do you want to do with all the hats you’re wearing?

For the most part, “wearing different hats” is a good thing.  Having ready access to different hats allows you to show up differently using the skills and abilities most needed in the moment.  Awareness of the “right hat” can also help you stay focused and effective.

However, wearing too many hats — like multi-tasking — can become overwhelming and actually reduce your effectiveness.

What do you want to do with all the hats you’re wearing

Consider the following:

  • Do a hat inventory.  Identify your hat rack.  Create an exhaustive list of all the hats you wear—you’re probably wearing more hats than you ever realized.  And, you’re probably wearing several hats at once.
  • Identify your favorite hats.  What are your top 5 hats? Which hats serve you (your ministry) best?  Which hats, if further developed, would be most useful?
  • Which hats do you need to toss? Which hats -no matter how comfortable– no longer serve you?  How heavy are your hats? Which hats can you delegate? How different would life be if you weren’t wearing so many hats?
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