What Does it Mean to Play a Bigger Game?

Spring is almost upon us, there is a sense of newness is in the air. The platelets are continuing to shift under our churches and communities and the things we’ve always known are slipping away to make room for new possibilities. This truly is a time of great awakening.

One of my mentor coach’s favorite questions for me is, “What’s the bigger game, Val?” As a result, the team at Coaching4Clergy has expanded our playing field to the entire globe. We’re currently in talks with the UK, South Africa and Brazil.

As you’ve been hearing from me, Coaching4Clergy has been poised for this bigger game for some time now. What might that mean for YOU, as a coach, pastor or church leader? Where is your bigger field? And what is the bigger game you’re going to play there?

Playing a bigger game requires that you view the world from a bifocal perspective so you can continue to see what’s right in front of you, while also seeing far beyond your own little world to the greater community at large.

Your bigger vision encompasses both time and space. You get a sense of the people, situations and opportunities outside your regular circles, as well as a broader sense of how events might play out over time, and what you need to do now in order to influence and create your own future.

Thinking and playing bigger both come down to action. In your bigger game, what’s first base, and how do you get there?

At Coaching4Clergy, we saw that it was time to put some of our dreams into action and launch some new programs. For the rest of this month on the blog, I’ll be taking you on a guided tour through these exciting offerings.





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