What is the Culture of Your Church?

Many church leaders get excited about implementing a new mission statement, vision statement or strategy for their church, then are surprised when they run up against roadblock after roadblock. Often this is because they haven’t addressed or changed the underlying culture of the church.

Without changing or building the culture, there’s no point in even having a vision. Nothing can change unless culture changes. Culture change goes deeper than just the way we do things – it expresses both external and internal shifts.

Dr. Thom Rainer noted that people are not leaving church because they’ve lost their faith, but because they want to save their faith. This really highlights the need to change the culture in today’s churches, because what’s there is not a match for what people want. It may have worked in the 50s, but not anymore.

As a pastor or non-ordained church leader, taking coach training in order to apply a coaching approach to ministry leadership is a wonderful start. Just don’t stop there. Coaching has the power to touch, restore and transform every aspect of ministry.

In my experience, the challenge is to create a coaching culture without having it viewed by your constituency as the latest fad or top-down directive that they must participate in. For your members to buy in to a coaching culture, this must be an organic experience and they must be involved every step of the way.

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