Who Do You Trust Enough to Be Truthful About What’s Really Happening?

Matt Bloom, PH. D. of the Well Being at Work Project (University of Notre Dame) recently reminded leaders of the importance of the theater stage. He spoke first about the leader being “on stage” when you are doing your work, and then he spoke of the leader being “off stage” when you are away from your work. He then reminded us of the 3rd stage, which he called the “Back Stage.”

In the theater, a significant amount of time, energy and preparation is devoted to the work that goes on “back stage.” Feedback, movement, trust and timing are all key components back stage.

There is a “back stage” to leadership.

We, as leaders, need to pay attention to the back stage of leadership. The back stage is where things are coordinated and come together. This is where vital, honest feedback is offered. Trust is a key component back stage.

Consider the following “back stage” questions:
·        Who is truthful with you, as leader, about what’s really happening?
·        Who do I trust enough to be challenged by what they say?
·        Do you have enough of the right kind of back stage supervision for the work that you do and the influence you have on the lives of others?

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