Why Do I Need Coach Training?

man reading bookWhy do I need coach training?

I love being asked this question. I have a response that gets right to the core of this question. Here’s my response:

  • Would you ever consider going to a dentist that had never been trained?
  • Would allow someone that had only read a book on open heart surgery actually operate on a family member?
  • Absolutely not!

It’s the same with a coach. You want to work with a coach that is masterful. Select a coach that has received feedback and has really honed the coaching skillset.

It’s not enough to read a book about coaching or simply hang up a shingle and call yourself a coach.

There is a specific skillset and perspective involved in coaching. Practice, supervision and more practice are needed. The skills need to be honed.

I recommend that if you want to incorporate coaching into your local ministry setting, or become a full-time coach, that you receive training from an accredited coach training organization. Look for the International Coach Federation (ICF) accreditation logo.


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