Why is it important that I attend an accredited coach training program?

I was recently contacted by someone that had just completed a coach training program offered by another organization.  They thought the training they were receiving elsewhere would qualify them for a coaching credential – but it didn’t! They had made a huge investment of time, energy and money – and no coaching credential. This shouldn’t happen!

Hence the question:  Why is it important that my coaching training school be accredited by the International Coach Federation? 

As a student of an accredited coach training program:

  • The credentialing process is streamlined.  The ICF (International Coach Federation) has created a special fast-track process for graduates of accredited coach training programs.
  • You -as the student-– don’t have to prove that your coach training was legitimate.  Since our coach training program is already approved by the ICF, we’ve already done that for you!
  • You are assured that your time, energy and money is leading toward a coaching credential from the ICF.  In other words, no surprises or disappointment after graduation.
  • An outside, separate set of eyes have thoroughly reviewed the program. The training materials and faculty have been thoroughly reviewed by a team of skilled assessors at the ICF.  Plus, there is an ongoing thorough review every 3 years.
  • You are receiving the highest quality of coach training. The standards that the ICF has set are high – especially at the ACTP accreditation level – which is what we have.
  • You are being taught by top-notch faculty and mentor-coaches.We are required to provide ongoing training and development of our approved faculty and mentor-coaches.  This insures the highest of standards.


  • Check to see if the faculty instructors have a coaching credential: ACC, PCC or MCC. The best programs have primarily faculty with the PCC or MCC credential.
  • Look for the ICF official logo:  ACTP, ASCTH or CCE.  If you don’t see the ICF logo, it hasn’t been reviewed and pre-approved by the ICF – no matter what they say!
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Group Mentor Coaching
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  1. Thank you for the post on why it is important that you attend an accredited coach training program. I think it’s a great bonus that you won’t have to prove your coach training is approved since the ACTP program is already approved by the ICF. That’s just an extra step you don’t have to worry about as a student.

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