You Must Work with a Coach, Or Else!

I’ve been writing this month about the top reasons that ministry leaders hire me as their coach.  Here’s another top reason:  They have been told to work with a coach, or else

Typically, their actions, reactions or learned behaviors are getting in the way – to the point where their effectiveness is in serious jeopardy.

Can you coach and develop someone who has been told that they have to work with a coach?

The answer:  It depends.

It really depends on whether or not the individual can see the requirement of coaching as a gift versus a requirement.  I recommend that coaches address this issue right away.  Occasionally, in a very directive coaching approach, I coach the pastor on this shift from requirement to gift.

Many of those that have been required to work with me have ended up becoming highly effective and excellent leaders. 

BTW- while you might not have a choice about working with a coach or not, you do have the choice of how you will receive and use coaching.

I invite you to see coaching as a gift.

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P.S.  If you are interested in pursuing a coaching credential from the International Coach Federation, mentor-coaching is a requirement.

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