Your WHY and WHAT.‏

One of the roles of Today’s Leaders is to remind people what matters most – and to do that in the simplest possible manner.  As the leader you must repeat this message again and again and again.

A simple technique that is useful is called: The Strategy on a Hand.  [How the Best CEO’s Get the Work Done.  James Allen. September 27, 2016. HBR]

Your thumb represents the “Why”.  This is the “Why do you exist” message.  This message must be simple, concise and clear.  Your remaining fingers are the “What” – What you do to make the “Why” happen?

I recommend this approach for two reasons:

  • It forces you to be concise and clear.
  • It’s easy to remember.

Once you have developed this strategy, you’ve got it!  At a moment’s notice you can effectively share your “Why” and “What.”

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