Module 1 – Coaching Foundations

Class Descriptions

100:  An Overview of the Core Coaching Competencies (8 hours)– provides an overview of the core coaching competencies. A strong understanding of these competencies is one of the most important first steps that you can take as a new coach. We recommend you take this class first.*  This class is offered in a self-paced/asynchronous format. Recordings and assignments are available in the Learning Portal for you to complete at your own pace.

101:  Coaching Intact Teams and Groups (4 hours) – provides a real opportunity for new coaches to participate in a group coaching experience, an opportunity for new coaches to discuss the group coaching that they just experienced. (ie. How did you do that?), and knowledge and expertise regarding the stages and formation of groups and teams.

102:  Common Coaching Scenarios in Ministry (4 hours) – provides a basic understanding of nine common coaching situations experienced as a coach in a ministry setting. While coaching of each person or group is unique, there are common themes and approaches that provide the coach with a framework from which to craft a coach approach to ministry. The nine common coaching scenarios we will address include: 1) Coaching the First Time Pastor, 2) Coaching New Beginnings, 3) Coaching the Lead Pastor, 4) Coaching the Supervisor of Paid Staff, 5) Coaching the Transitional (Interim) Pastor, 6) Coaching the Executive Pastor, 7) Coaching the Minister of Music, 8) Coaching those in Career Transition, and 9) Pre-marital and Marriage Coaching.

103:  Deep Listening (4 hours) – All of coaching begins with deep listening.  Masterful coaches listen on multiple levels.  This class is designed to develop and expand the new coach’s listening skills through practical demonstrations and exercises.

104: Powerful Questioning (4 hours) – Powerful questioning is a coach’s most important skill for provoking creative thinking and meaningful responses from the coaching client.  This class provides insight on how to create powerfully engaging questions that move people forward. 

105:  How to Get Started as a Coach (4 hours) – This class will help students identify those items needed when starting to coach.(ie. Welcome Kit, Coaching Agreement, etc.), provide a thorough review of the Professional Standards and ICF Code of Ethics, and discuss next steps toward developing a coaching practice.

106:  The Coaching Agreement (4 hours) – This class will instruct new coaches on how to set up a coaching agreement,  identify the three components of a coaching agreement, discuss with students how to set up a coaching agreement as an external coach versus an internal coach, discuss with students how to develop a coaching relationship that will maximize the coaching conversation, and explore:  coaching presence, dancing in the moment, and best practices-how to improve the way that you relate to others.