Module 2 – Coaching Implementation

Class Descriptions

Module 2 consists of four required classes and two electives of your choice.

Required Classes:

201: The Ministry Leader as Internal Coach (4 hours) – This class is designed to help pastors and ministry leaders understand that they can effectively utilize coaching skills to impact their ministry in a powerful and positive way. Pastors and Ministry Leaders will walk away from this class with practical steps of how to implement coaching in their daily lives and improve their ministry by positively impacting their team members’ lives and ministry.

202: Creating New Awareness (4 Hours) – The goal of this course is to understand that we all have limiting beliefs and false assumptions.  In this class you will explore your own limiting beliefs and assumptions, as well as learn practical helps and hands-on experience on how a coach can create a new awareness in the coachee.  This class is offered in a self-paced/asynchronous format. Recordings and assignments are available in the Learning Portal for you to complete at your own pace.

203: Practice Lab – Level One (8 hours) – This class is an opportunity for students to receive feedback on their coaching, as well as offer feedback to other students when they coach. In addition to student feedback, faculty will also be offering constructive feedback throughout this lab.

204: Developing a Strong Personal Foundation (8 hours) – The objective of this course is two-fold:  1) To assist the coach in the development of his/her own solid personal foundation, and 2) To provide the coach with practical discussion, techniques and insights for developing a solid personal foundation in those whom they coach.


503: Coaching the Lead Pastor (4 hours)– This course is designed to assist the lead pastor in rooting their ministry in their passions, gaining a vision for their congregation, building healthy teams, and keeping a vital relationship with God. Many lead pastors feel stuck in the routine of their ministry and bogged down with personal conflicts in the church. Coaching for the lead pastor should result in a greater ministry focus and passion. We will look at how pastors uncover the unique vision God has for their church and how to build a team with complementary gifts to carry it out. We will also focus on how to help a lead pastor shift from doing the ministry to equipping others. We will also discuss how to coach lead pastors around developing their own personal care plan to keep their relationship with God fresh in the midst of fulfilling their ministry calling.

504: Relationship Coaching (4 hours) – This class will explore how coaching can help you get more out of your relationships as well as how you can coach others to achieve more in their relationships. We will touch on some of our common relationships, as well as broad practices that will benefit you and your coaching approach. Participants will take away practical skills and behaviors to enhance their relationships along with tools to help you coach people in their relationships.

505: The Supervisor as Coach (4 hours) – This course will explore common issues and ways to apply coaching in areas where there is a specific desired outcome. The outcome may involve constraints such as a time line, budgetary requirements, change in actions, etc. This elective will include the following: 1) Exploring key components of effective goals; 2) Addressing the apparent conflict of one person being both supervisor and coach; 3) Implementing all the Core Coaching Competencies; 4) Developing powerful questions for content rich coaching; 5) Addressing challenges of the coaching relationship and coaching agreement, as both supervisor and coach; and 6) Building techniques to fortify Action and Accountability.  Join us as we discover how you, as supervisor and coach, can use the empowering tools of coaching to help unlock challenges and produce results. Expectations for this class are as follows: The class will include examples, case studies and live coaching. 

506: Coaching Small Groups and Life Groups (4 hours)– This class will focus on how coaching can bring new perspective and energy into your group ministry by moving from a teacher/student model to a coaching model.  Participants in this class will takeaway practices on how to use coaching skills to create effective small groups as well as how you can replicate this in their leaders.

507: Coaching for Focus and ADHD Challenges (4 hours) – This course will explore common issues of overload and distraction that frequently challenge many in ministry, business, and life. We will develop ways to apply coaching to reduce stress and energy zappers and greatly enhance effectiveness, building more success. This elective will begin by learning to recognize common challenges and strengths. The coaching blocks of Powerful Questions and Action and Accountability will be major tools used to personalize ways to remove distractions and provide focus for priorities leading to greater success. Topics covered will include: time management, project management, setting priorities, physical organization, helpful tools for you and your coachees, and accountability that encourages, including using email and other methods. Join us as we discover and explore keys to help unlock these challenges to unleash potential and results. 

508: How to Lead a Webinar (4 hours) – This class is intended to develop basic skills for preparing for and leading successful webinars.  Topics include: Facilitation tips; How to assign meaningful fieldwork; Balance between content and coaching.  Although the class is not focused on a specific webinar technology, students are assigned to research a webinar technology and present the information to the class.

509: An Introduction to Coaching at End of Life (4 hours) – This class will introduce how a spiritual leader can use a coach approach to minister to the dying and the grieving. Participants will take away practical skills and behaviors that will help them to minister to those at end of life – both to individuals and to groups. Practical tools for follow up will be introduced. Those participating will also be given the opportunity to examine their own views on death, dying and grieving.

510: Coaching the Music Minister (4 hours) –  WHO are Music Ministers? WHAT is behind their core issues and HOW can we better relate, support and coach them? In this elective class our goals will be to identify the different types of Music Ministers, reveal common situations and challenges they maybe facing, and find the best practices and techniques we can utilize while coaching, guiding and relating to them. This is an interactive and practical class where your present situation and experience is the primary focus.

512: Coaching for Leadership Transformation (4 hours) – This course will cover the key aspects of Coaching for Leadership Transformation.  The four sections are:  Coaching for Pastoral Transformation; Coaching for Board/Council Transformation; Coaching for Laity Leader Transformation; Coaching for Staff Transformation.