How are you at getting things done?

The saying “Git R Done” is a phrase that comedian, Larry the Cable-Guy, made popular. In addition to the laughter that this phrase evokes, Git R Done is also a forgotten leadership skill.

Great leaders know how to Git R Done! 

Truly great leaders have developed, cultivated, and practiced the skill of execution.

Why do many leaders NOT Git R Done?  Based on my coaching of ministry leaders, the top three reasons for not executing are:

  • Knowledge Problem ~ a plan has not been developed.
  • Courage Problem ~ fearful of the end results or the dreaded change that will follow.
  • Comfort Problem ~ it’s simply easier to do nothing, or they are being rewarded for not executing.

How are you at getting things done?  Need some help?  Consider the following coaching questions:

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your ability to Get R Done?  (10 = you routinely take action on high priority items.  1= You are unable to execute.)
  • Who do you know that regularly gets things done? What can you learn from them?
  • Which of the three common reasons listed above, if addressed, would contribute the most to your level of execution?  (Knowledge, Courage or Comfort)
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Coaching skills can dramatically enhance your effectiveness and impact as a leader. The results are that your church will grow and thrive.  As a coach, you will be better able to help others:

  • clarify their goals
  • identify steps to achieve their goals
  • take action
  • focus and stay on task

At all of our coach training events, you will observe coaching in action and also have ample opportunity to practice coaching and to be coached yourself.

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