Land the Plane!

I have been asked to speak to a group of newer coaches.  One of the things that I plan to share with them is an “oldie, but a goodie.”  The guidance is: Land the Plane!  In other words, take all the great insights and ideas and turn them into practical next steps.

One of the oversights of many coaches, and leaders for that matter, is that their definition of completion is the formation of a great idea.  The brilliant idea is just the beginning. What is still needed is the next step.

Imagine a plane endlessly circling the airport.  That’s not the way it works!  It’s the same with leadership.  The role of the leader is to Land the Plane.

One of the real benefits of working with a coach is that your coach will help you develop your next steps and put in place the support and accountability necessary. Or, help you Land the Plane.

My questions for you are:

  • What plane do you need to land?
  • What is your next step as you prepare to land?
  • Who can help you?

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