Land the Plane!

I fly a lot with Coaching4Clergy.  My favorite part of flying is when the plane lands and we have arrived at our destination.  It’s not unusual for the passengers to applaud when the plane has landed, especially on the longer flights.

As important as the take-off and actually flying are – it’s the landing that is the most important.  Landings bring us to our destinations.

In our work as ministry leaders, it’s important that we “Land the Plane.”  We put tremendous time and energy in the take-off and then forget the part about landing.

Apparently we aren’t alone. Harvard Business Review recently reported that 83% of Strategic Plans do not happen.  In other words, they haven’t landed the plane.

Today I want to remind us to Land the Plane.  Who can help you with this?  What strategies can you put in place – in advance – to help you land the plane?

And once you’ve landed the plane….remember to celebrate.

All the best to you,

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