Stop carrying rocks!

Do you remember pet rocks?  They were popular when I was a child. Everyone had to have one.  Some people made their own pet rocks; but most people purchased them.  The funny thing was that the pet rocks just sat there.  They didn’t really do anything or serve any purpose.

Well, the “pet rock” fad seems to be over.  Yet many of today’s leaders still have rocks – pet rocks – which they carry with them.  In place of an actual pet rock, many carry a “pet” dream, project or belief with them.  And these rocks, like the pet rocks of yesterday, serve no real purpose.  They just add weight!

This month we’ve been focusing on how to have a great 2016.  Instead of adding things to our already busy lives, we’ve been looking at letting go of things.  The idea is that by lightening the load we can have our best year ever.

One of the quickest ways to lighten the load is to stop carrying rocks – your pet rocks!  As this month comes to a close, identify the dreams, projects, relationships or beliefs that are weighing you down.  Then decide to stop carrying the rocks.

All the best,

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