The E-E-E Approach

 It happens to all of us.

Decisions get pushed to the back burner-for the umpteenth time.  Projects stall out on your desk or laptop screen.  Motivation, productivity, and creativity disappear.  And you are officially STUCK.

First the bad news: Being stuck takes up a huge amount of energy.

Bertrand Russell was right, “Nothing is so exhausting as indecision, and nothing is so futile.”

The good news: You Can Get Unstuck!

Try this simple technique.  It’s called the 3-E Approach.

The 3 E’s are:

  • Eliminate: Stop doing something. Sometimes we need to lighten the load.
  • Experiment: Try something new. Completely out-of-the-box!
  • Enjoy: Decide that for now, you are going to let go of being stuck and just experience life to its fullest.

The 3 E’s are an easy way to shift perspective or approach.  Shifting from one “E” to another is often just enough of a shift to help you get un-stuck.

Give it a try!

All the best to you,

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