Leadership Effectiveness. It’s easier than you think!

While New Year’s resolutions and change is still fresh in our minds, I’d like to invite you to take your leadership to the next level.  The good news is that it’s probably easier than you think!

Carey Nieuwhof, the author of one of the blog posts that I regularly read, offers insights on the topic of leadership effectivenss in his recent post: 7 Surprising and Endearing Characteristics of Highly Effective Church Leaders.

Here’s the list of 7 things that highly effective leaders do:

  1. They show up on time
  2. They do their homework
  3. They call you by name
  4. They’re okay not being good at everything
  5. They follow through…fast
  6. They take their work – not themselves – seriously
  7. They’re incredibly down to earth

The really great news is that these 7 things are perfect for coaching.  You can work on one or all of these items with your coach.  And if you’re a coach, this blog post is an excellent resource to pass along to your coachees.

I’d like to invite – really challenge -you to embrace and adopt these 7 things during 2015.  I am!

Click here to read Carey’s full blog post: http://careynieuwhof.com/2015/01/7-surprising-endearing-characteristics-highly-effective-church-leaders/

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