Every Time I Use Coaching I Am Amazed!

Our Fall Coach Training Programs begin in just a few weeks. Our online classes offer the convenience of learning from your home or office, while our on-site training events provide an intensive in-person classroom experience. If you are wondering whether coaching skills can make a difference, read what one of our recent students has to say: […]

How Good Are You at Saying NO?

If you’re like many of today’s leaders, saying NO is a challenge. I get it. You want to help. You want to make a difference. That’s why you are in leadership. Yet, if you say YES to everything – you become ineffective! What do you do? Learn to say NO! That’s right-saying NO is a learned skill. And […]

Leaders need to unlearn, as well as learn!

I have been noticing a recurring theme from the leaders that I coach.  It’s the need for leaders to unlearn, as well as learn. Several that I am coaching are focusing a significant amount of their time and energy on unlearning. Here are a few examples: One leader recently discovered how much “telling and advising” she had […]

Stop Telling People What to Do

We finally have solid evidence about the problem with telling people what to do. A research project in 2009 reveals brain activity – actually, a lack of brain activity – when we are being told what to do. Here’s the research in a nutshell. When someone is telling us what to do or giving us advice, […]

How to Get in Touch with Your Inner Tortoise

Faster. Sooner. Quicker. It seems like this is what we want. Many of Today’s Leaders believe that success is closely tied to the speed at which things are done. As a result, many leaders pick up the pace for themselves, as well as for those they lead. Consider for a moment the value of slowing things […]

How to Be Less Defensive

The topic during one of our recent coaching classes was how to be less defensive. We had a lot of laughs and came up with lots of ideas. One of the students shared a concept I had never heard before. It’s the concept of imperturbability, which he learned in his martial arts training. Here’s what he told […]

How Do You Lead When You Disagree with the Decision?

Earlier this week I was coaching a group of leaders. In several instances the leaders reported that decision in their organization had been made that they did not agree with. To make matters worse, in their role as leader, it was their job to implement the decision. One leader after another reported the struggle with leading when […]

How Do You Lead When You’re Constantly Being Interrupted?

I hear it repeatedly from the leaders I coach. ·        I can’t get anything done. ·        The interruptions are constant. ·        I lose my focus, and the day is gone. How do you lead when you’re constantly being interrupted? I like the suggestion of scheduling Untouchable Days. (Neil Pasricha, March 16, 2018 HBR: Why You Need an Untouchable […]

What an Exciting Time to Be in South Korea!

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks in South Korea.  What better time to be in South Korea than the past week with the Leadership Summit? How interesting to hear firsthand from South Koreans their feelings and thoughts about this historic event. I was privy to the “word on the street.” In addition, we successfully facilitated our […]

Who Do You Trust Enough to Be Truthful About What’s Really Happening?

Matt Bloom, PH. D. of the Well Being at Work Project (University of Notre Dame) recently reminded leaders of the importance of the theater stage. He spoke first about the leader being “on stage” when you are doing your work, and then he spoke of the leader being “off stage” when you are away from your […]